Anamchara Fellowship

On September 23 and 24, 2017, St. Stephens had the pleasure of receiving a visit from Sister Amelie Jeanine as part of the Anamchara Fellowship. She says:

Ever wonder about how a Celtic monastic order blends in with the Episcopal Church in Montana.  I wondered just that 5 years ago when I went to convention and learned of the Anamchara Fellowship.  Since then I chose to explore more and in June of 2013 chose to begin the journey of reflection, devotion and education to became a novice in the order.  I completed the requirements to be professed and celebrated this during our annual gathering in May of 2015.  I am presently the Prior of the Killeedy Priory here in Montana.  There are currently 9 Priories that reach from Southern California to Lewis Isles Scotland.  The house of Bishops recognizes our dispersed order and a visiting Bishop guides us in our fellowship.  I encourage anyone in our diocese who is interested in furthering their faithful walk to join me.  You can find more information on our website

Sister Amelie Jeanine Lee
Saint Pauls of the Stillwater
Absarokee Montana

It was a pleasure having Sister Amelie Jeanine preach during our services!